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Welcome to Sutchelinks International Company Nigeria Limited. Sutchelinks is pronounced, “Such – Links”. Our outstanding performances in our chosen areas of services  as top ICT company –  in Port Harcourt , Nigeria has earned us lots of awards. High quality tutors. cool learning environment and affordable course fees, are among the reasons why Sutchelinks is listed among the leading ICT Training Centres in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

In the area of Computer Training for example; Sutchelinks uses trained / certified tutors who also have gotten field experiences. Our conducive  computer training centers has been rated very high. Click to see a list of some of the courses we offer and the course details.

We are listed among the best Computer Training Centres in Port Harcourt. With our Sutchelinks-Students Family Network, we ensure that we are always in contact with our students even when they are done with their training with us; to enable them to be constantly informed and updated of any new development in such field.
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No wonder, currently Sutchelinks is ranked among the top ICT Training Centres in Port Harcourt. We share the same success testimonies / ranking in our branches in Lagos , Abuja, Delta and Enugu states in Nigeria.

We believe that ANY student who can teach on a course after undergoing a given training is more than “GOOD – TO – GO “.To enable us achieve this, we built a system, “TUTOR-STUDENT ; STUDENT-STUDENT” to prepare students very well before their certification by our firm.

Its not therefore surprising that firms/companies come asking if we have ready student(s) for them to employ. Thinking of a good Computer training Centre in Port Harcourt and Nigeria in general ? Sutchelinks is the first pop up in the mind of many.

Of course, it is now obvious that Computer Literacy is NO LONGER optional ! If you must succeed in anything in the current world, you must know how to operate the computer. Our list of computer training courses ranges from the Basics / Appreciation / Fundamentals to Website Designing, Web Development, AutoCad, PDMS, Cisco, Project Management, ITIL, Microsoft Courses. Our world class experienced tutors make computer learning easy, fun and fast.


Grahpics Designs

The works of our team of graphics design experts are now been used as templates and guides by competitors. Join the list of our customers who are enjoying our graphics works like Unbeatable Logos, Banners, Flyers, Roll-up Stands, Complimentary Cards, Car Branding, Branding of Gift Items etc. Contact us today !

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Designing and hosting a website is very good and important to every business.But without proper search engine optimization, a website will not been easily found during a search by prospective clients/targets/clients.

Of what use then,is a website if it cannot be found by prospective clients when searched using search engines like google,yahoo,bing,alexa and so on?

Want to know more about SEO and very easy ways / steps of optimizing your website ?

You can also make your website rank high and top in google.

Website Designing & Hosting

It is no more News that Sutchelinks is ranking top in ICT in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

We are listed among the top website designing companies in Port Harcourt, Rivers state and Nigeria with our branches in almost every state in the country. Our web developers are rated top as results of high tech online web application innovations and deployment.

Reports from our marketers on responses of some clients/prospects on the need and importance of owning a website, as a case study is showing that many that are not having a website is as a result of little or NO understanding of what a website is. In this article, we will tried to explain to a lay man’s understanding the basic things you need to know about a website.

Your website is almost a waste of money if it does not generate traffic of potential buyers of your services and products.
Your website is designed to be generating money/ income for you regardless of the nature of your business.

Want a website you can manage and edit easily by yourself with NO-CODING experience ? Our Content Management Site (CMS) is the answer. 

Over 100 Sutchelinks website clients can not be wrong.

Our works speak for us.

Contact us today, let’s create / Design and Host your Website for you today at a very affordable cost.

Owing a website is not Expensive

Do you need a blog or website ? We can work with your budget even as low as N20,000 . Contact our Team Now.

We have the best CCTV Installers

If thieves are aware of CCTV cameras monitoring a property, they avoid such properties. If they are not aware, they will be captured and caught.

CCTV Surveillance Security Installation Services.

From experience as top ,leading company in CCTV surveillance security services in Port Harcourt,Rivers State;We strongly believe that to have a peaceful society,there is need to curb and possibly end crime in our society.Hence,the essence of CCTV surveillance security services,to help trace , monitor and catch criminals after they have operated. But more importantly, is to scare them away from coming at all , by making it known that survelliance security service is available in a given organisation.If criminals know that they are monitored, traced and caught by the use of CCTV cameras,they will sure not carry out such criminal acts.After all,no criminal want to been seen or caught . You can read more about cctv installation services in Port Harcourt and more reasons why you SHOULD go for the service.