Free ICT Training

Successful organizations know that their successes depend majorly on the skills of their staff, not just how good the products, services and business environment are. Staff need to be skilled and upgraded to meet current trend in the business world. One of the areas of such upgrades and trainings is in the ICT.
Sutchelinks with over 12 years’ experience , believes that the following tested and proven ICT skills will surely improve the success of organization like yours. Improved Microsoft Office skills and Digital Marketing skills. Any organization with no knowledge or inadequate use of these skills , surely will not be making profits as supposed.

Sutchelinks is giving out a one day free training on the Use of Microsoft PowerPoint to her clients and prospective clients as a way of helping them improve their services, especially in the area of seminar presentations ,proposal / project defense and as such , thus becoming more successful.
It is one thing to have products and services, it is yet another thing to know where potential clients/customers are and how to reach them. Surely, you will say they are online.

But how to find them and compel them to take those products/services is yet another thing ; and that is where Sutchelinks expertise in Digital Marketing comes in. We render Digital Marketing as a service and we also train organizations that wish to be doing so by themselves.

Our services include but not limited to website designing / Development , ICT – Computer Training , Computer Networking , SEO , Graphics Designing , Mobile App. Development , Video editing & Animation , Digital Marketing & Branding.

Looking forward to hear from you.